Episode #28

with Tommy Chong and Patrick Lane

Released: June 2, 2022

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Show Notes

In this episode, Steve and Diana go on an EPIC journey with none other than legendary comedian and weed aficionado, Tommy Chong. What do they talk about? WHAT DO THEY NOT TALK ABOUT?! Grab a seat and buckle up because this chat goes everywhere from growing up poor in Alberta and going to church for entertainment, to hustling at pool, to the rise of Cheech and Chong, to sharing a jail cell with the Wolf of Wall Street!

In a beautifully unique twist, Tommy shines a posthumous light on someone we should all know more about in Canada – poet Patrick Lane. Tommy and Patrick grew up together and Patrick’s journey from blue collar labourer to one of Canada’s most respected poets is incredible. Steve and Diana are honoured to have Patrick’s widow Lorna Crozier (a well-respected poet as well) read one of Patrick’s poems called ‘Hummingbird.’

To learn more about Tommy Chong, check out his website at www.tommychong.com or follow him on Twitter @tommychong

To learn more about Patrick Lane, please visit www.patricklane.ca where you can learn more about the release of his posthumous book of poetry curated by Lorna Crozier called ‘The Quiet in Me.’

To learn more about Lorna Crozier, please also check out: www.lornacrozier.ca


Tommy Chong

Patrick Lane

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