Episode #2

with Sarah Slean and Ali Momen

Released: July 8, 2021

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Show Notes

This week, Steve and Diana chat with one of their favourite Canadian Sarah’s – none other than Juno and Canadian Screen Award-winning singer-songwriter, Sarah Slean!

Fresh off having a new baby, getting nominated for a Juno AND her first Canadian Screen Award (spoiler alert – she won!) Sarah talks about how she found out about her latest Juno nomination while in her housecoat scrubbing her kitchen floor, why she is running to become a leader at SOCAN, plus she inadvertently gives a lot of plugs for Side Door Access.

Sarah rolls out the red carpet for Iranian-Canadian actor turned political hopeful Ali Momen who has put his successful acting career on hold in order to run for the Ontario Liberal nomination in Parkdale-High Park. Coincidentally, where Steve lives! Ali shares his experience being an immigrant to Canada and having his first McChicken, why providing affordable childcare is so important to the economy and why we need to have an artistic vision in today’s politics.


Sarah Slean

Ali Momen

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