Episode #27

with Ron Sexsmith and Lori Cullen

Released: May 19, 2022

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Show Notes

This week, Diana and Steve chat with the songwriter’s songwriter of songwriters, none other than Mr. Ron Sexsmith!

Ron talks about how Elvis Costello helped launch his early career, how the town of Stratford inspired the cover art for his new album ‘Hermitage,’ and of course – he and Steve wax poetic about the beauty of a ‘good pun.’

Ron shines the spotlight on his fellow musician, songwriter and friend Lori Cullen! Lori describes how music has saved her life through Covid, as well as her collaboration with Sexsmith and Swinghammer. And if that sounds like a sexy combination of words, just wait till you hear her story about that album being accidentally played at a swinger’s party.

To learn more about Steve’s mini-spotlight of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, go to https://www.winnipegcomedyfestival.com/

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Ron Sexsmith

Lori Cullen

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