Episode #1

with Rick Mercer and Sophie Buddle

Released: July 1, 2021

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Show Notes

Our inaugural episode features Canadian comedy legend and Order of Canada Member, Rick Mercer. Rick shares stories about making television in Canada, meeting President Obama, and how it was so easy to get content for Talking To Americans that he and his producers got to see a LOT of afternoon baseball games. Plus, a surprise tidbit about Jack Layton’s bedroom!

Rick shines the spotlight on fellow stand-up comedian Sophie Buddle, the first woman to win a Juno for Best Comedy Album. Find out how Sophie was destined to become a comedian when she started stand-up at the tender age of 15 (and was almost immediately the funniest one on amateur nights), why we should all thank our mothers for our sense of humour, and excellent advice for anyone thinking of getting into comedy.


Rick Mercer

Sophie Buddle

The Canadian Star System Team

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