Episode #7

with Naheed Nenshi and Griffin Cork

Released: August 12, 2021

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Show Notes

This week, Steve and Diana chat with Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, who was awarded the ‘World Mayor Prize’ in 2014. Mayor Nenshi talks about how he got talked into politics by trying to talk other people into politics. He also tells us why his political colour is purple, and how his post Mayoral life will include ‘Seva’ – selfless acts of service – and finally watching Game of Thrones.

Mayor Nenshi introduces us to Calgary actor, podcaster, producer and filmmaker, Griffin Cork. Griffin is part of a new generation of young people who are changing the way we think about theatre and film in Western Canada. Griffin is embarking on the second season of his web series called, ‘Abracadavers’ and spills the beans about hosting a daily podcast with his equally talented and artistic mother, Karen Johnson-Diamond.


Naheed Nenshi

Griffin Cork

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