Episode #29

with Mark Critch and Vicky Mullaley

Released: June 23, 2022

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Show Notes

On this week’s episode, Steve and Diana chat with the star of the new hit CBC comedy Son Of a Critch – Newfoundland’s own, Mark Critch!

Mark explains how weird it was to play his own father while doing voice over for a character based on his own childhood, what it felt like to recreate his family’s living room, and the surreal comedy advice he got from Dan Aykroyd in the 90s.

Mark introduces us to fellow East Coast comedian, Vicky Mullaley!

Also from Newfoundland, Vicky has a hellova hell gig story, how support from fellow comedians like Mark has helped her career, and why doing funny song parodies and videos during the pandemic kept her sane.


Mark Critch

Vicky Mullaley

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