Episode #20

with Jully Black and Vinessa Antoine

Released: November 11, 2021

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Show Notes

For our season one finale, we are THRILLED to have the Canadian Queen of R&B and soul – none other than Jully Black! Jully regales us with tales of meeting the other Queen (of England) and shares some of the wise words of wisdom from her mother. She also explains how having a degree in law enforcement has been invaluable when navigating the complicated and often financially dangerous aspects of the music industry.

Jully introduces us to the incredible actress Vinessa Antoine! Vinessa is the first Black female lead of a Canadian drama series on the hit CBC show Diggstown (which is a huge accomplishment but also bonkers that it took this long to happen). Vinessa talks about the importance of having a supportive, Black showrunner in Floyd Kane, the gruelling job of acting on General Hospital and the love she has for her surf double.


Jully Black

Vinessa Antoine

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