Episode #16

with Hawksley Workman and Jeremiah Brown

Released: October 14, 2021

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Show Notes

This week, Steve and Diana chat with none other than one of Canada’s most eclectic and charming musicians, Hawksley Workman! Hawksley talks about his 2020 album, ‘Less Rage More Tears,’ why he loves the smaller arts scene in Peterborough where he now lives and why we should incorporate more comedians into rock shows.

Hawksley shines the spotlight on his new Peterborough friend and Monday morning walk buddy, Jeremiah Brown! Jeremiah tells his incredible story of going from sitting on his parents’ couch watching the Olympics to winning an Olympic medal for rowing in just four years and how that changed his life. Plus, he spills the beans on the incredibly unique way he met Hawksley by selling a microphone on Craigslist.


Hawksley Workman

Jeremiah Brown

The Canadian Star System Team

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