Episode #18

with Dave Bidini and Selina Martin

Released: October 28, 2021

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Show Notes

This week, Steve and Diana chat with musician, author, and community newspaper entrepreneur Dave Bidini! In what might be the most Canadian episode ever, they discuss bringing Stompin’ Tom Connors out of retirement, singing O Canada with his band The Rheostatics at a hockey game the night before his wedding, apologizing to Gordon Lightfoot and of course – the importance of community newspapers. 

Dave introduces us to fellow acclaimed singer/songwriter Selina Martin! Selina discusses her journey from growing up on a farm in the Ottawa valley to living in the south of France. And continuing with the Canadian theme, Selina tells us about how she became known as ‘Campfire Geddy,’ as well as her latest album ‘Caruso’s Brain.’

To learn more about Dave Bidini and The Rheostatics, check out www.rheostatics.ca and for the West End Phoenix, go to www.westendphoenix.com.


Dave Bidini

Selina Martin

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