Episode #8

with Dan Mangan and Veda Hille

Released: August 19, 2021

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Show Notes

This week, Steve and Diana chat with Diana’s favourite Canadian musician (Sorry Jim Cuddy, but you haven’t yet returned her calls), Dan Mangan. Dan explains how the pandemic forced his company Side Door Access to pivot from being the Airbnb of venues to an online platform for artists to connect with virtual audiences. He talks about his goal of 100 thousand artists making 100 thousand dollars a year, as well as his cover tunes album called ‘Thief’ and why he’s passionate about helping other white Canadians educate themselves on Indigenous issues.

Dan introduces us to the Vancouver based powerhouse musician and composer and his neighbour – Veda Hille. Veda shares how she first collaborated with Dan on the song ‘The Indie Queens are Waiting,’ thanks to owing his sister money and she discusses her new autobiographical show, ‘Little Volcano,’ which combines her own songs with the music of Bach. 


Dan Mangan

Veda Hille

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