Episode #4

with Bruce McCulloch and the Folk Lordz

Released: July 22, 2021

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Show Notes

This week, Steve and Diana chat with Canadian sketch comedy royalty, Bruce Mcculloch of Kids in the Hall. Bruce talks about what it’s like to be back together again for the Amazon reboot of Kids in the Hall, how writing for SNL created his lifelong commitment to KITH and why he develops new sketch talent with groups like Tall Boyz and the featured guests he introduces us to, Fold Lordz.

Todd Houseman & Ben Gorodetsky started as an improv duo called Folk Lordz in Edmonton and quickly pivoted to creating digital sketches that reflect their urban-Indigenous and Russian-Jewish-Canadian roots. Their absurd and darkly satirical 18-part sketch series caught the eye of Bruce McCulloch and we’re thrilled he introduced them to us and the world!

To watch the sketch ‘Statues’ referenced in the interview, click on this!


Bruce McCulloch

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