Episode #24

with Andrew Phung and Kimberly-Ann Truong

Released: April 7, 2022

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Show Notes

To kick off Season Two of the podcast, Steve and Diana chat with one of Canada’s brightest, energetic and positive personalities – star of the new CBC comedy ‘Run the Burbs’ – Andrew Phung!

Andrew explains how including his Vietnamese/Chinese parents into his love of comedy made them his biggest fan (to the point where his Mom will tell people on airplanes to watch Kim’s Convenience). Plus he explains his love of sneakers, Calgary and getting his start in improv at Loose Moose Theatre.

Andrew introduces us to the woman who plays his sister Carol on ‘Run The Burbs,’ Kimberly-Ann Truong! Kimmy (as she likes to be called) is a triple threat who was thrilled to finally play an actual Vietnamese character on Broadway in Miss Saigon, and how her head nearly exploded when she read the script for ‘Run the Burbs‘ with so many Vietnamese characters. Kimmy also regales us with stories of taking mandatory classes on set etiquette through the acting union (which no one else had to do!) and the exciting new projects she has coming out soon, including ‘Take Note’ on NBC.

To support The Possible Garden Project (which Diana shone a spotlight on this episode), check out their GoFundMe page at:  https://gofund.me/a13d1eec
Or visit their website at: possiblegarden.org


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